Lorraine Ferro


Voice, Songwriting, and Performance Coaching

We are offering packages for private lessons and sessions for individual projects, whether it be getting prepared for a new CD release, a gig or tour, or stepping up and claiming your artistry for the first time in your life. 


When we free our voices, we can free ourselves from the blocks that hold us back from being fully engaged and alive in our own lives! So many of us forgot the children we once were who played, who sang, who wrote poetry, who danced, who spoke our minds, who dreamed big dreams - before the world imposed a restraining order on our artistic freedom and joy. 


You don't have to be a professional artist, or consider yourself an artistic person at all...if you are making a career change, looking for leadership skills, working on fears that have stopped you from having the job, love, health that you deserve, or you just want to explore the arts as a way to relax and relieve tension, this program is for you! And if you ARE a songwriter, singer, performer, and want to go deeper and finally tackle those fears that stop you from freedom on stage, this program is for you! 


We are proud to offer individual coaching sessions, and workshops to regain that passion, that joie de vivre, and to uncover the artist inside.