What if I told you that I liked chaos? Would you try to read behind my eyes To get a glimpse of what I’ve been thinkingLooking for grafitti in my mind
Well, you might decide that I’m too much for you Or that I get in my own way But I’m not as out of touch as they all say
*I’m drowning in insomnia Floating in euphoria, woh I’m living in ambivalence, Languishing in Turbulence I’m in a state of I don’t know, woh I’m Languishing in Turbulence
I’m not an artist who paints by number Don’t like to color inside the boundary lines I know you’re begging to know what that feels like Tired of your everyday grind
Well, you might be walking into paradise Or diving straight into the belly of the whale Just be strong enough to handle heads or tails, ‘cause
It’s an emotional ride And our worlds could collide, when
*Chorus (Forever in euphoria, instead of ‘floating in...’)