From the recording THE INSPIRE PROJECT


I can lead you to the water but I cannot make you drink
I can lead you to the wisdom but I cannot make you think
I can tell you you’re forgiven when you’re shouldering the blame
But I cannot get inside your heart to take away your pain
I can talk about the passion while I strike the match
And pray that the breath of God will make the fire catch
‘Cause I know that you’d find comfort
And I want you to find peace
And I wish that I could bear your cross
I wish that you’d believe

* There’s a light that’s deeper than your darkness
Take your time and give your soul some room
In Love’s eyes the worst of all your demons
Are just Clouds Across the Moon
Rollin’ by like Clouds Across the Moon

I know it’s hard to see tomorrow when you can’t get through today
But with a little faith the winds of change are gonna blow your doubts away
And all these tears you’re crying
And all these fears you face
Are just stepping stones along the road
That leads you to grace

* (Chorus)

Watch them roll on by
Gonna watch them sail, sail, sail on by
They’re all gonna be gone
You don’t have to be strong
You just have to hold on, ‘cause

* (Chorus 2x, ad lib and end)