From the recording LOUDLIFE


Cradle to Crypt I live to love you
Fatal Eclipse, I'm over then I'm under you again
And when I close my eyes at night
I see you flying then you're falling into me
And in the icy morning light
I always lose the form, but not the feeling

Can you feel me when I touch you?
(My light of heaven)
Open your arms you will not fall (You will remain)
I will wrap my wings around you (Hold me)
Can you feel me? (Can you hear me call?)
Can you feel me when I touch you?
(If I stay dreaming)
Open your eyes to break the wall
(Will you remain?)
Breathe my life into you (Oh, beyond life)
We (Beyond death)
Are (We are now)

Cradle to Crypt
I grasp at nothing
Aching for bliss
I wake to morning's ugliness again
And though I'll never taste your kiss
You'll be the mist that fogs the mirror as I breathe
And though I doubt that love exists
I'll beat my chest and think it's you that's knocking


Just like a river flowing back to me
With no beginning and no end
Is that my spirit coming back to me?
Will you deliver me again?
Is that my spirit coming back to me, coming back to me
Coming back to me?


© 2005 Firethorn Music (BMI) / Crooked Sun Music (ASCAP)