From the recording LOUDLIFE


My eyes are dead,
The light is gone and no one hears the scream
I smell the earth,
And breathe it in, stuff down this waking dream
And no one knows,
They see the shell and think they see the man
Too full of fear
To see themselves as Far Below the Surface as I am (3x)

So get your shovel and pail,
`Cause this jail's too small
And all the walls are caving in

Break me, mend me, save me, spend me, rake me, rend me
Give me a reason, give me a reason to live

I know your name,
But I can't dare to taste it on my tongue
Forgive my pride,
For I have sinned by leaving songs unsung
Your hands are cold,
But you can melt the snow upon the sand
Oh can't you see don't wanna be as
Far Below the Surface as I am (3x)

So get your hammer and pick,
`Cause I'm sick of all of this and the ice is getting thicker

I can only see the light with eyes closed
I can only hear your heart beat from my closed cell
I can only imagine heaven from this hell

So don't think it's all a dream
`Cause when you hear my screams you'll be screaming with me
Love me, leave me, drug me, bleed me, touch me, redeem me
Give me a reason, give me a reason, give a reason to live
(far below the surface as, far below the surface as I am)

© 2005 Firethorn Music (BMI) / Crooked Sun Music (ASCAP)